Graduation Year and the way forward…

Hello everyone!

Now I know what you are thinking, ‘Oh no, she is back with those long and tedius blogs that we could all use to send children to sleep!’ Well to put those minds at ease, you will be happy to hear this is my fourth and final year at the Academy. Only 10 months left of my rambling about life in Moscow to endure – I have finally made it to ‘Graduation Year’; wow did saying that aloud give me goosebumps!

It seems absolutely crazy to think that this year, rather than discussing future audition plans and the need to get my act together to take pictures, film videos and attend open classes for the audition process, that I will actually have to go out into the world and put my plans into action!

Unfortunately, after my initial intention of returning home to England for summer and continuing to pound out class after class in order to return to the Academy at the peak of my fitness, I tore my hamstring during exams here in the penultimate week before the summer commenced. So, due to yet another injury, I had to spend the entire 3 months resting and attending multiple physiotherapy appointments. I was under no illusion  after tearing my hamstring that I would be able to rest for a few days and jump straight back into a studio, although having said that, when August hit and I was still unable to complete a Barre, my nerves did begin to kick in and I continuously questioned whether I would be able to return to classes here and graduate. What a drama queen eh?!

I am happy to say that my hamstring, although not fully recovered, isn’t causing many problems during classes and is only really preventing me from throwing my legs about during large jumps; all of which will sort itself out in time, just need to remain calm and patient (not one of my strongest forte’s!)

For those looking for an excellent physio facility in the London area, look no further than Vladislav Bubnov. He also trained here at the academy, so is able to cater for your injuries knowing completely what is expected of dancers and the extent of healing required after injury for our art form, in order to begin training again. You can contact him directly via his email address:

Despite not being able to dance over summer, I had one of the best summers to date. Living in Russia, away from those nearest and dearest to you, especially for the length of time I have been here now, you learn to realise who and what are of the highest value in your life. What you actually need in life, rather than just what you want purely for momentary satisfaction. Realising who is actually looking out for your best interests, rather than who is using you in order to better themselves. I can’t thank my family and friends enough for the quality time they gave me over the summer; particularly my family, the Thaibsyah family, Jacqui Fraser and Tamara Vile. All of whom spent the summer helping me through my injury and ensuring that I stayed busy and smiling! It’s thanks to them and their guidance that I finally enrolled into the Open University and as of Feburary, I will officially have started my studies for the Business Management (Law Pathway) Degree course. A big thank you as well must go to Michael Thaibsyah, who definitely kept me busy over summer, particularly when it came to nursing him after his knee operation! Hope the recovery is going smoothly and you are at full fitness by your induction into Sandhurst next September. Good Luck Poo!

Good Luck also to my sister, who after two serious knee operations is having to withdraw from her course at Italia Conti. My sister is a fighter and on the same day of her withdrawal she was accepted into a college to study performing arts there. Well done little sis! Love you lots and always proud.

So onto business! I am back in the Motherland and have already endured my first week of sore muscles; but my goodness have I missed that feeling! The feeling when you wake up in the morning, walking like a penguin, pain felt all over with every step, knowing you worked hard the day before to deserve such a horrendous feeling!

To kick start the year, there’s a tradition at the Academy for the Third Course students and the First Class students to gather on the stage. The Third Course students hand to the new students a pair of dance shoes, as a symbol of the journey they have been on and the new journey these future stars are about to go on, as well as representing the official beginning of a new academic year. This of course, meant Hayley, Daniel and myself were involved within the Ceremony, having finally made it to Third Course! Hayley and I got extremely emotional walking onto the stage, knowing the hardship and experiences we have been through and have had to learn from in order to claim our place on that stage.

After the ceremony we all shared hugs with our teachers and friends with whom we have shared these past few years. I dread to think about the tears we will shed when we actually graduate and leave such amazing personalities and inspirational mentors behind!

However, it is far to early to be thinking about that! There is a lot of leg work to be done in the mean time in order to get to a level in which we are deserving of that Diploma! That means clocking in plenty of exhausting dance classes and an increased amount of Academics. The academy have been ever so generous by including Economics, Sociology and Politics, Philiosphy, General Studies and Psychology classes this year, on top of our origional Russian, Russian Literature, History of Ballet and History of the World lessons. If anoyone had documented the moment Hayley and I read our new Academic timetable, the look on our faces would have created a priceless photo to say the least!

Last week I celebrated my 20th Birthday. It was my fourth birthday away from home but it didn’t make being away from my family any easier! I was lucky that I was surrounded by my surrogate Bolshoi family who made the day extremely upbeat and enjoyable. We went to my favourite sushi restaurant for dinner, where Hayley treated me to my favourite Tom Yum soup and a cocktail! Thankyou! I was quite soppy that day, realising that I was no longer a teenager and would now have to pay adult prices at the cinema!

On to work as usual for me. I will update you shortly with my progress within the first month and plans for this year in order to find that job we all so desperately desire!


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